And…then I’ll be happy

Have you ever caught yourself ending a sentence with … then I’ll be happy. If I lose five more pounds, then I’ll be happy. If I have more money, then I’ll be happy. I think a lot of us say this to ourselves and we don’t realize. You don’t know that you are saying these negative things, unless you are truly happy with your life.

Until recently, maybe in the last year or so, I have had a bad relationship with life. We have made up now and we are in a happy relationship. It has its ups and downs. But I can truly say that I am happy now.

Yesterday I went shopping and I was in the dressing room. A place I have dreaded for many, many years. I used to buy most of my clothes online because of this. Now, I only went shopping because my pants were falling down. And look, when your pants are too big and fall down, your underwear falls down also. Its a situation, I had to go. I got jeans in the smallest size I have been in years. I fit in stores I couldn’t even fit in before!

While I was trying things on I caught myself saying this in my head. Now, if I get to a size 6-8, I’ll be happy. And then my happy self growled back and I thought, WTF are you saying? Seriously, you are already happy Jolie. This was an epiphany for me. The fact that I noticed this has had me thinking about it since that moment in the dressing room. I wanted to take a picture then(seriously), but the lighting was horrible.

I hope this helps everyone notice any negative things you say to yourselves. Now, go on and notice all the good things in your life. And the next time you think about things that are going to make you happy, think about your friends and family.

Lots of Love,



One thought on “And…then I’ll be happy

  1. Yea, “if this happens, then I’ll be happy” is such a fallacy… that sort of happiness wears off after a few minutes, and then you’re left chasing the next if. So much better to find the peace and happiness where you are in this moment, without any conditions… that’s the kind that sticks around!

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