Rendez-Vous at Palais-Royal

I am keeping my promise to myself and using my blog like a diary. If you want to read along, Allons-y.

Today I met some au pairs at a café in the Palais-Royal. Café Kitsune is a quaint place that I would have never known about or even noticed if it wasn’t for an au pair who lives in that area. It is very small and I initially walked right by it. Thank you google maps! I liked it because I could order a Latte. I really do love coffee, I think that is one of the things I love about France, they take time for coffee(GOOD coffee).

After we finished our coffee we decided to take a walk around the area. I didn’t get many pictures of the Palais-Royal today. When I’m with a group I don’t like to make people wait. And today it was rainy, so I didn’t have my camera.  The Palais-Royal is “Across the street” from the Louvre. Really it is, but when you are there that is not what it is like. Paris is big, and seriously, I was walking next to the Louvre and didn’t realize it. There were some barricades up for something, and all you can see is an old ridiculously beautiful building. I was just thinking, “What is this?” Trust me, I’m not clueless as to where I am. I was walking/shopping on Rue de Rivoli and I knew the Louvre was there, but the sheer magnitude of the building is ridiculous. I am planning a trip there this week with some girls.

I went shopping for clothes today. It was already in the 60’s today, so most of my clothes aren’t cold weather friendly. I now have a trench coat and an umbrella so I don’t look horrible when it rains. Next up, boots. My family said that there is an outlet mall a couple metro stops away from where I live. I want to see a French outlet mall. I passed on Paris  Sephora today, that looked like the devils work.

I came back early because I was tired of walking and I wanted a break before I had to get the kids. J was good today, C was not. They got motorcycles from the grandparents for their birthday. He wants the pink one that is for his sister. They are exactly the same. One blue and yellow, and one is pink.

Dinner with the kids is touch and go, but they normally eat a lot. These kids will eat things you wouldn’t dream of giving an American child. The lesson here is, you don’t know if they like it if you don’t let them try it.

Tonight I also tried saucisson. It taste like a sausauge and pastrami mix. It reminded me of sausage at home. I told the guys that it reminded me of andouille sausage. First off, we are all pronouncing it wrong. Which doesn’t matter because I’m from Louisiana and its always going to be an-doo-wee to me. Second, they said that andouille in French is also a way to call someone crazy, stupid, or an idiot. Who knew? You would think some Cajun guy would have told me that by now.

écrire bientôt

Jolie Marie

Palais-Royal 9/19/16







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